What are the differences between penetration test and red teaming

There are subtle differences between penetration testing and red teaming. While both are able to identify the threats that your IT systems might be vulnerable to, the approach of finding these threats is different. The red teaming uses realistic attacker tactics, spear phishing and deployment of customized Trojans to test the defenses of the business.

Penetration testing on the other hand relies upon information like IP addresses to scan an application. Red teaming is usually conducted by keeping the personnel at the target organization unaware of the mock drill. Comat is the best place in Singapore to get the red team training.


On the off possibility that you have actually been playing the very same online crypto games clubs for time, pondering what else is around, we’ve information for you. There’s an additional technique to have a punt, as well as it’s not any more the protect of a number of practically educated card sharks. Neglect your conventional financial criteria and also installment approaches, what’s to find is Cryptocurrencies cash, as well as it’s here.

A developing number of the most effective and most extremely relied on online club currently provide punters the alternative to wager with Cryptocurrencies types of cash, for example, Bitcoin, Litecoin and also Dogecoin– a number of designs being SlotsLV Gambling establishment, BoVegas Casino Site and Ignition Casino.

Bitcoin basically

Be that as it may, what precisely are these digital forms of money and what are the centerpieces as well as hindrances of BETTING with them?

Cryptocurrencies loan is to a wonderful level identified with Bitcoin, the main crypto coin which pushed in 2009. Dissimilar to customary monetary types, Bitcoin has no combined bank or single regulative body.

One of the regular highlights of all electronic money is that they’re controlled by a dispersed procedure called the blockchain. Put primarily, there is no one responsible for Bitcoin or various Cryptocurrencies kinds of money. What does that mean on the off chance that you elegant trying out a Cryptocurrencies money online club? Provide us an opportunity to clarify …

Entire lotta advanatages

For punters, the advantages of betting with electronic money are numerous. There are presently clubhouse committed exclusively to digital money and also others which have included it to their rundown of installation options nearby charge cards as well as web sellers.

Among the parts of Bitcoin betting which punters respect most is the degree of namelessness it uses. Digital money operates in sight of personal keys inside the blockchain, so you never ever require to introduce your individuality to recognize or make an installment.

The 2nd element of Cryptocurrencies cash BETTING which really makes you pay heed is the rate at which money shops and withdrawals are looked after. Because Bitcoin exchanges are dealt with by the money itself instead of by an outsider vendor, drawing back your incentives can take unimportant minutes. This is an aid to any individual who has ever before come across the discontentment of standing up 3-5 service days to collect a significant win and also likely one of the greatest enticements in instance you’re considering taking a stab at something new.

Considering that the exchange is led by the cash as opposed to by the gambling club (or a seller for its advantage), taking care of expenses and also managerial costs are kept to a base also. This is to the advantage of both the betting club as well as the customer since no one appreciates paying company costs.

Experience Phang Nga from a new perspective at Baan Sam Chong Nuea community

For any native or foreign tourist familiar with Thailand, the southern province of Phang Nga conjures up images of dramatic limestone cliffs rising out of the turquoise waters (forming Phang Nga Bay), as well as the region’s stunning network of mangrove-covered canals and tropical jungles. Plus, let’s not forget those picture-perfect, white-sanded beaches either!

This popular destination, however, can get quite busy in certain places where tour agencies bring boat-loads of visitors each day, especially in high season. So, to get away from it all, we recommend a “One Night Stay with Locals” trip to Baan Sam Chong Nuea Community – thanks to its remote location that still makes for a perfect launch pad for many of the bay’s must-visit sights.

Perhaps the highlight of this specially-curated “Extraordinary Experience” is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the sunrise over Phang Nga Bay (at dawn on day-two), with your local guide taking you out on a boat to a secluded viewpoint overlooking the glowing sun which slowly rises above the horizon.

But this trip to Baan Sam Chong Nuea is not only about the sun, sea and sand. Many of the activities are located mostly inland. Starting from the later hours of the morning, learn about the history of this fascinating community at the village’s main center, and kayak through the mangrove forests and swamps while helping out with afforestation at the same time.

The afternoon of the first day provides an invaluable opportunity to learn more about the local villagers, farmers and fishermen’s way of life and how they earn income in this remote region. This involves checking out a shrimp paste-making demonstration, trying your hand at fabric tie-dyeing and observing traditional fishing techniques which use floating baskets, as well as visit a fresh oyster farm (with tasting, of course!)

Apart from the early morning sunrise trip (which is optional for the late-risers), even more adventure around the bay is booked for day-two. Hop into a long-tail boat – locally known as ‘hua tong’ – and observe the stunning beauty of Phang Nga Bay. Along the way, your expert local guide will take you to Petch Pakarang Cave, where you can walk up to discover the highest point for a bird’s-eye view. The scenery of Khao Phing Kan, Khao Tapu, Lod Cave, and Punyee Island is all incredible, making this long trip south (and back again) worth the extra effort.

After a short cruise back to your Baan Sam Chong Nuea homestay, it’s time to pack up your bags and bid farewell to your hosts – until next time!

To learn more about “One Night Stay with Locals” in Thailand or to book a trip for up to 10 people at a special price, please visit www.1nightstaywithlocals.com or www.facebook.com/AorSorSocial/.

Phrom Lok: Where traditional southern Thai culture meets modern-day farming techniques

Nakorn Si Thammarat is one of southern Thailand’s seaside provinces, situated on the east coast of the Malay Peninsular with much of its coastline overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.  The community of Baan Phrom Lok, tucked near the Phrom Lok Waterfall at Khao Luang, is known for their outstanding practice of growing fruits and vegetables chemical-free, and their beautiful scenery on the highest point of the southern region of Thailand.

Meet the friendly folk of Baan Phrom Lok community upon arrival before proceeding to learn about village’s hybrid agriculture system called as ‘Suan Somarom’. This method of sustainable farming involves growing organic fruit and vegetables without the use of any chemicals. The best way to appreciate how the locals grow and harvest their crops here is by physically getting into the surrounding fields and plantations for a closer look!

The afternoon of the first day provides time to walk through the nearby forests, inspect the locally grown produce, including special herbs to treat venom, as well as plenty of delicious fresh vegetable which are both consumed and sold by the farmers.

Even though Nakorn Si Thammarat is a seaside province, the activities on this trip mostly involve inland adventures, such as hiking through a forest that leads to the highest mountain in the region. Once you’re close to the summit, the foliage at this higher altitude is the home to many ancient ferns and plants, referred to locally as the ‘cloud forest’. Along the way, you can stop off at the village’s namesake Phrom Lok Waterfall for a quick dip or take some Insta-worthy photos.

After your mini-hike through the forests of Nakorn Si Thammarat, you’ve earned a well-earned rest and a hearty dinner – so it’s back to the village to get further acquainted with your hosts and the homestay for your “One Night Stay with Locals”. As dusk closes in, you can also participate in a fun ‘batik’ fabric making class and learn how to make (and eat) local snacks after dinner.

An exciting morning is in store on day-two at Phrom Lok community. Rise early just after dawn for an invigorating bike ride through the village to the local morning market where you can have a quick look around for a bite to eat or souvenirs to take back home. It’s then back for breakfast in the village, ready to take on the day’s main activity: a tour to a local rubber plantation where you’ll learn about rubber tapping, as well as a visit to a mushroom farm, and craftsmanship demonstration teaching you how to make household brooms from grass.

Before lunch, there’s time to squeeze in a visit to Wat Khao Khun Panom and Tak Fah Cave, following the trail of King Taksin who covered the same route hundreds of years ago. After your sightseeing fill for the day, it’s back to the homestay for one last time to enjoy a leisurely lunch and witness the ‘Manorah’ dance – rounding off your “Extraordinary Experience” in Phrom Lok, Nakorn Si Thammarat.

To learn more about “One Night Stay with Locals” in Thailand or to book a trip for up to 10 people at a special price, please visit www.1nightstaywithlocals.com or www.facebook.com/AorSorSocial/.

Discover a different side of Thailand with a “One Night Stay with Locals”

From southern provinces that you may already be familiar with such as Phang Nga and Chumphon, to the more remote northern provinces of Lampang, Nan and many more, 13 destinations have been carefully chosen by Thailand travel experts as part of this newly-launched “One Night Stay with Locals” project. Not only are these villages very remote (meaning you will beat the crowds even in high season), there is also a huge variety of community-focused activities available, such as getting your hands dirty picking fruit in orchids with the locals, taking tractor rides through the jungle to waterfalls or heading out on fishermen’s boats to find the catch of the day!

Spanning across four provinces (Lampang, Chiang Rai and Nan) there are four different communities to visit in the north of Thailand as part of this One Night Stay with Locals program – each one as fascinating as the next. Tucked away in the mountains of Lampang, there is the chance to go miang leaf picking with the locals at Baan Pa Miang, as well as learn how to make (and eat) the popular dish using this produce. Neighboring Chiang Rai province has two destinations to choose from: the laidback Pangha Homestay near the border with Myanmar where you can learn all about the Tai Lue people and the old-age craftsmanship, or Baan Tha Khan Tong, a thriving community next to the Mae Kong River that combines elements of Isaan and Lanna culture. To truly get away from it all, Nan province’s Sila Petch village feels like it is in the middle of nowhere, yet there are still plenty of friendly locals to show you around the area and guide you through the forests to a waterfall.

In addition, Baan Khiri Wong Kot in the northeast of the country (Udon Thani) lets you experience a true taste of Isaan – especially the deliciously spicy food, rural countryside and famously friendly Isaan hospitality from the locals.

Tourists also flock to Thailand’s southern provinces for the beaches, boat rides and adventure activities. At our handpicked southern communities, you can still experience all of this and more – just with none of the crowds. For example, at Phang Nga’s hidden Baan Sam Chong Nuea community there’s a chance to explore swamps and mangrove forests with a local fisherman while helping to afforest the area. At Pa Tew (Bang Son) in Chumphon, most of your time will also be spent on the water while eating as much seafood as you can, rafting and spotting fireflies in the evening.

Other local communities waiting to be discovered are located in the less-frequently visited provinces of Phatthalung and Yala. These include the stunning Tamod Community where you can join in with a range of sufficiency economy educational activities, as well as kayaking and taking in the sunset over the reservoir, while Yala’s Chulaporn Pattana 9 Tourism Community boasts a gorgeous combination of forests, mountains and rivers.

Other choices of local communities that you can visit includes Bo Hin Farm Stay in Trang, Phrom Lok in Nakorn Si Thammarat, Laem Pak Bia in Petchaburi and Laem Klat in Trat.

To learn more about “One Night Stay with Locals” in Thailand or to book a trip for up to 10 people at a special price, please visit www.1nightstaywithlocals.com or www.facebook.com/AorSorSocial/.

Homework Assist With Online Math Tutoring

Is the boy/daughter spending an inordinate period of time attempting to complete math homework within the nights? You might want to consider online math tutoring. Don’t watch for math grades to decrease don’t watch for your son or daughter to get totally frustrated. Homework assist with online math tutoring can provide your son or daughter the mathematics support necessary to achieve math and get back the arrogance to become better learner.

However, like a caring parent, you will need to be considered a savvy consumer. Not every online math tutoring programs count your money or time. You child deserves services which are the following best factor to being there personally. Because of improved technology and proven math teaching methods, your boy/daughter will get exactly the same quality education contained in the standard classroom setting. Really, it will likely be better, since the training are conducted in the comforts of home, without any pressure from peers or time limitations.

To start your research to find the best online math tutoring available, you will have to understand what characteristics to consider inside a provider, to rapidly narrow looking. With a large number of Websites offering math tutoring services, you don’t want to obtain tied to an untrained individual that hopes to create a couple of easy dollars online. You have to feel certain that your son or daughter may benefit from:

A genuine teacher

Individualized training

Interactive sessions

Convenient timing

You never know much better than a genuine teacher how you can strengthen your child achieve his/her full math potential? An instructor understands the peer pressures within the regular classroom to maintain all of those other students and never ask a lot of questions, even though you may n’t understand the mathematics concepts being trained. Your son or daughter needs a math teacher having a graduate or Masters Degree, using the skills and expertise essential to help ready your kid for approaching training, exams, and reinforce the fabric trained in class.

  Best results in tough subjects like mathematics can be achieved by way of choosing the right kind of math tutor   who is able to lend a helping hand and expert support for almost any queries or clarifications that one may have.

Web Site Design Versus Web Development

The language web site design and web development are essentially two sides of the identical gold coin. A web site to be complete and running in the internet needs both designing and development. Thus, for an individual to produce a proper web site, the main difference backward and forward must be clearly defined and differentiated.

Designing as you may know includes the entire gamut from intending to execution. Within the web world, designing an internet site usually refers back to the procedure for picking out ideas and incorporating them, usually through graphic software like Adobe Illustrator. When a graphic designer designs an internet page, he really offers the framework for the appear and feel of the site. Including the entire appearance from the website, i.e., the shades used, design, would put what images, interaction and interactivity and so forth.

It’s thus very important for any website designer to be really imaginative and inventive in the outlook. Simultaneously he must have some fundamental knowledge of the rear finish development work which goes behind creating a website. Getting some prior idea around the technicalities of creating a website helps while picking out the very best designs for any web site. Thus the designer should use his creative talent and understanding from the savvy designs to build a website page that is exactly what the clients usually search for.

However, web development handles the ‘how’ a part of converting the web site design to something which is LIVE and viewable towards the users of the internet. Quite simply, it’s the in which the developer uses different programmes and codes to create the rear finish of the website, like Notepad, Dreamweaver and so forth.

To put it simply, web design refers back to the non-designing facet of developing and creating a web site, using many forms of scripting languages like JavaScript, PHP, ASP, ASP.Internet and Coldfusion and so forth to mention a couple of. The net developers uses all of this various scripting languages to place functionality to some otherwise dormant web site design. It’s the job from the website developer to make use of good web design concepts, that will make sure the web site to load easily and with no glitches.

Another point the website developer must bear in mind may be the usability from the website that he’s developing. Here ‘usability’ means the way the website is going to be viewed through the user within their atmosphere. This really is something essential since the website developer needs to be aware of all of the different website browsers available and therefore will need to perform a large amount of testing to determine the website looks exactly the same out of all different platforms. Though sometimes very time intensive, this really is something which just can’t be overlooked.

In either case, to create a positive results of the website, the web site designer and also the website developer must operate in symphony. Despite the fact that each of them have different roles to participate in the overall growth and development of the web site, an effective co-ordination backward and forward is extremely important.

For your entire website development needs, you should look for a company that would provide to your specific needs at affordable price. The company should offer you with quality and creative solutions suitable to your respective needs.

Safeguard Your Cyber-Security by Correctly Protecting Your Endpoint Devices

Before we discussed a couple of from the options about Endpoint Devices. They could be a serious cyber threat if you do not take security seriously enough. Many small company proprietors have found out to their personal chagrin that this is correct.

I recognize these endpoint devices strengthen your business in a lot of ways. You might also need to understand the natural security issues that can arise by not careful.

Let us get into it:

Think for any minute concerning the growing mixture of devices the employees use to conduct your company. And consider the numerous independently owned devices like Tablets and smartphones they use for the business in addition to their personal use. If you do not see cyber-security problems here you are simply not thinking.

These may be one of the most difficult assets for the company to handle and safeguard. How frequently have you ever heard of the worker losing their device. Now their personal security is endangered along with your own.

And what’s yours? What about company e-mail, video assets, client information, log-ins and access codes that may be potentially uncovered. And lots of individuals have this exposure on employee’s personal belongings?

Wow! But you are carrying this out in order to save a couple of dollars using the employees personal property, right? If the is sensible for you you will want to slow lower and think a bit more. I’m surprised about how frequently this occurs in the industry world.

Cyber-security isn’t something to experience at. It is something you reside!

But even though you own all of your own equipment, will still be not every fun and easy. I recognize as a small company person you discover her getting to help keep track of a lot equipment that cost a nice income and it is from time to time lost anyway. How will you effectively keep an eye on all of this equipment together with personnel that changes using the weather?

There’s an answer, however it takes some effort from you.

One solution is to locate a mixture of software and equipment that may permit you to not just track, but manage company-affiliated devices, in addition to safeguard and manage the job information stored in it.

Regardless of what you choose, cyber-security ought to be your foremost interest. No exceptions here. Worker owned devices or otherwise, make sure to first look into the devices to make certain they’ve the correct virus protection which the unit are designed for every other potential cyber issue, particularly if your organization has sensitive data onto it. You will know this could involve constant software updates, which may be hard to track over a number of devices. Absolutely don’t neglect to place a fail-safe in to the device so data could be easily wiped clean when the system is stolen or lost.

For those who have an employee that’s really seriously good by using it, you might be OK. Otherwise expect a nightmare.

I’m from time, but the next time let us get into a few of the factors you’ll have to think on if you wish to opt for worker-owned devices. I recognize there actually are conditions where you may want the employees to make use of their very own electronics.

Are you searching for suitable cyber security training singapore? Your best bet would be the website that would provide to your respective course information needs. The website should provide you with suitable information on the right course to suit your needs.

Classic Game Review: Bubble Bobble 1987

The very first of two Taito arcade licences due to be sold by Fire bird Gold may be the hugely popular Bubble Bobble, with Flying Shark because of follow in November. All conversions were created by Soft­ware Creations, the programming team accountable for moving The Sentinel to the Spectrum. The bubble-blowing Brontosaurus pointed out within the blurb take presctiption a pursuit to fight through 100 screens and free their female buddies in the clutches from the evil Baron Von Bonner. As many as seven creatures may lurk on the screen and Von Bonner is guarded by six dif­ferent kinds of bully-minion- Benzo, Bonnie-bo, Boa-Boa, Blubba, Boris and Bonner.

Bub and Bob can both jump and blow bubbles. Attaching a bully inside a bubble renders it helpless, and bursting the bubble gets rid of the bully, delivering it flying in all directions in becoming fruit because it arrives at a ledge. Chomping fruit earns bonuses, and additional points if several bubble-clad bully is burst simultaneously.


Clearing all of the bullies very quickly causes extra goodies to look around the next screen – plus they confer high bonuses. Take too lengthy to complete a screen, however, and you are told to ‘Hurry Up’. The background music then accelerates just to increase the strain. Ignoring the rate warning causes Baron Von Blubba to create a look and feel – together with his brother if your two player game is within progress. The Baron and the brother stick to the Brontosaurus round the screen attempting to kill them until either the final bully is destroyed or even the Brontosaurus are wiped out.

Platform plans on later screens become more and more hard to negotiate, and in most cases it appears impossible to accomplish an amount. However, there are lots of methods to become learned, for example bouncing on bubbles because they rise.


Around the last screen Bub and Bob satisfy the Baron – the greatest bully of all of them, as well as the hardest to eliminate.

Bubble Bobble is extremely original, very addictive and very exciting. Be suited businessmen happen to be recognized to relieve the day’s tension by playing for hrs on finish, notch­ing up impressive high scores along the way however the extent of their success within the arcades is really a mys­tery – its apparent simplicity could so easily have meant it being over­looked. However it wasn’t – there’s more for this game than first impre­ssions suggest.

Software Creations deserve hearty congratulations for produc­ing such top quality conversions of the excellent arcade game – they have in some way were able to cram all of the features from the original in to the comparatively tiny recollections of the house computers. Unquestionably, Bubble Bobble will rank very well one of the arcade conversions readily available for home machines.

The company you intend to hire for your corporate building needs should have an arsenal of games. They should offer you with unique games such as bubble soccer to encourage team building within your group along with other corporate bonding needs.

Small Diameter Tube Bending – The Applications May Surprise You!

Small diameter tube bending is really a procedure for bending really small tubes into specific angles. This kind of tubing can be used in a number of applications in several industries. A number of them might even surprise you. To understand more about how this method can be used to produce tubing utilized in some means by your day-to-day existence, continue reading.

How’s the Bending Process Accomplished?

With respect to the kind of material, the procedure might be finished with the tube hot or cold. In the event of very difficult materials, for example glass, the tubing should be heated prior to it being bent to particular specs. If the operation is dirty correctly, the tubing can collapse or crimp, rending the piece useless. There’s an advanced of skill associated with small diameter tube bending, specifically for specific kinds of materials.

The Virtually Limitless Applications

The most typical application for small diameter tube bending is incorporated in the automotive industry. From brake and fuel lines to transmission and power steering lines, just about any vehicle has some type of bent tubing. Generally, it’s a stainless tube, because of the general corrosive resistant qualities.

The medical create also uses small diameter tube bending to produce hypodermic needles and catheters, in addition to most of the fluid movement tubes within the various medical machines. Surgical supplies frequently use bent tubing in a single form or any other.

The aeronautical and military applications will also be quite numerous. From fluid lines in aircraft engines to cooling systems in ballistic missiles, tubing of all of materials are essential for correct operation. Oftentimes, the failure of one of these simple bits of tubing might have disastrous results.

Finding Small Diameter Tube Bending Services

With respect to the materials, you might have some difficulty obtaining a company to accomplish this method. For instance, capillary tubing design and bending is restricted to simply a number of companies all over the world. The important thing is to locate a company that’s been running a business for several years, with countless satisfied customers.

The web provides a lot of info on these businesses, as possible see the available services before you decide to develop a contact page. Concerning aren’t a large number of companies available which you can use of these services, it is a little simpler to locate one on the web.

In Conclusion

When you really need precision small diameter tube bending services, make certain you select a trustworthy company. Otherwise, you might have several issues with the tubing’s performance.

In order to search for astm a106 grade b pipe Manufacturers, you would need to consider several aspects. However, your work would be made easy with Rajendra Pipes looking forward to providing to your specific needs in the best manner possible suitable to your budget.