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Ten Things to Carry On Your Honeymoon Trip!

And you thought all you need to carry on your honeymoon was your partner?

There are so many things that you wish to do on your honeymoon; you plan to talk to your partner, explore the new relationship together and do crazy things that you have never done with him before. But trust me when I say this – a lot of people go through flop honeymoons due to several reasons. In fact, there are a few couples, who broke up due to their bad honeymoons post marriage.


I am not scaring you, but would surely want you to have a greater and deeper bond with your partner, as the two of you fall in love with each other, over and over again, on your honeymoon.


It doesn’t matter if you are going on a voyage Sri Lanka or some other location, all that matters is that you carry the following ten things on the trip of your honeymoon:

  • Some beautiful greeting cards: What can be better than a few beautiful greeting cards to express your feelings to your partner? If you love him, it is better to be expressive and let him know about the same. I am sure he would love to read some of the best words on different romantic greeting cards – I can only imagine the sparks in his eyes!

Valentine day  Handmade gift cards,  (1)

  • Some lovely gifts for your partner: If you adore him, it is time for you to tell him with a few nice gifts. Buy him his favorite colored t-shirt or something that he really likes and win his heart forever.
  • Super-comfortable clothes: It is good to carry those body-hugging clothes, but extremely bad to wear them all the time. When you sleep in the hotel room, you would surely need some amazing comfortable clothes.
  • Your favorite nightgowns: Why wouldn’t you carry some nightgowns for yourself, when you know the two of you are going on your honeymoon? I need not elaborate!
  • Some pictures that remind you of the good old days spent with your partner: Let him know you remember each and every moment spent with him; hold him close to your heart as the two of you watch all those lovely pictures together.


  • Your laptop to watch movies together: Carry your laptop; you might want to see a few of your favorite movies together.
  • Of course, money and your debit/credit cards: You better not leave with money and your debit or credit cards! How will you pay, otherwise?
  • Some of your favorite chocolates, unless you know about the shops in the location you are traveling to: Unless you are quite familiar with the place and know that there are a lot of shops around, it is better to carry your favorite chocolates.


  • Pepper spray: Women are allowed to carry pepper sprays for their protection.
  • A game to play with your partner: You can carry a deck of cards or the board game of scrabble to play with your partner.