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Experience Phang Nga from a new perspective at Baan Sam Chong Nuea community

For any native or foreign tourist familiar with Thailand, the southern province of Phang Nga conjures up images of dramatic limestone cliffs rising out of the turquoise waters (forming Phang Nga Bay), as well as the region’s stunning network of mangrove-covered canals and tropical jungles. Plus, let’s not forget those picture-perfect, white-sanded beaches either!

This popular destination, however, can get quite busy in certain places where tour agencies bring boat-loads of visitors each day, especially in high season. So, to get away from it all, we recommend a “One Night Stay with Locals” trip to Baan Sam Chong Nuea Community – thanks to its remote location that still makes for a perfect launch pad for many of the bay’s must-visit sights.

Perhaps the highlight of this specially-curated “Extraordinary Experience” is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the sunrise over Phang Nga Bay (at dawn on day-two), with your local guide taking you out on a boat to a secluded viewpoint overlooking the glowing sun which slowly rises above the horizon.

But this trip to Baan Sam Chong Nuea is not only about the sun, sea and sand. Many of the activities are located mostly inland. Starting from the later hours of the morning, learn about the history of this fascinating community at the village’s main center, and kayak through the mangrove forests and swamps while helping out with afforestation at the same time.

The afternoon of the first day provides an invaluable opportunity to learn more about the local villagers, farmers and fishermen’s way of life and how they earn income in this remote region. This involves checking out a shrimp paste-making demonstration, trying your hand at fabric tie-dyeing and observing traditional fishing techniques which use floating baskets, as well as visit a fresh oyster farm (with tasting, of course!)

Apart from the early morning sunrise trip (which is optional for the late-risers), even more adventure around the bay is booked for day-two. Hop into a long-tail boat – locally known as ‘hua tong’ – and observe the stunning beauty of Phang Nga Bay. Along the way, your expert local guide will take you to Petch Pakarang Cave, where you can walk up to discover the highest point for a bird’s-eye view. The scenery of Khao Phing Kan, Khao Tapu, Lod Cave, and Punyee Island is all incredible, making this long trip south (and back again) worth the extra effort.

After a short cruise back to your Baan Sam Chong Nuea homestay, it’s time to pack up your bags and bid farewell to your hosts – until next time!

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Phrom Lok: Where traditional southern Thai culture meets modern-day farming techniques

Nakorn Si Thammarat is one of southern Thailand’s seaside provinces, situated on the east coast of the Malay Peninsular with much of its coastline overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.  The community of Baan Phrom Lok, tucked near the Phrom Lok Waterfall at Khao Luang, is known for their outstanding practice of growing fruits and vegetables chemical-free, and their beautiful scenery on the highest point of the southern region of Thailand.

Meet the friendly folk of Baan Phrom Lok community upon arrival before proceeding to learn about village’s hybrid agriculture system called as ‘Suan Somarom’. This method of sustainable farming involves growing organic fruit and vegetables without the use of any chemicals. The best way to appreciate how the locals grow and harvest their crops here is by physically getting into the surrounding fields and plantations for a closer look!

The afternoon of the first day provides time to walk through the nearby forests, inspect the locally grown produce, including special herbs to treat venom, as well as plenty of delicious fresh vegetable which are both consumed and sold by the farmers.

Even though Nakorn Si Thammarat is a seaside province, the activities on this trip mostly involve inland adventures, such as hiking through a forest that leads to the highest mountain in the region. Once you’re close to the summit, the foliage at this higher altitude is the home to many ancient ferns and plants, referred to locally as the ‘cloud forest’. Along the way, you can stop off at the village’s namesake Phrom Lok Waterfall for a quick dip or take some Insta-worthy photos.

After your mini-hike through the forests of Nakorn Si Thammarat, you’ve earned a well-earned rest and a hearty dinner – so it’s back to the village to get further acquainted with your hosts and the homestay for your “One Night Stay with Locals”. As dusk closes in, you can also participate in a fun ‘batik’ fabric making class and learn how to make (and eat) local snacks after dinner.

An exciting morning is in store on day-two at Phrom Lok community. Rise early just after dawn for an invigorating bike ride through the village to the local morning market where you can have a quick look around for a bite to eat or souvenirs to take back home. It’s then back for breakfast in the village, ready to take on the day’s main activity: a tour to a local rubber plantation where you’ll learn about rubber tapping, as well as a visit to a mushroom farm, and craftsmanship demonstration teaching you how to make household brooms from grass.

Before lunch, there’s time to squeeze in a visit to Wat Khao Khun Panom and Tak Fah Cave, following the trail of King Taksin who covered the same route hundreds of years ago. After your sightseeing fill for the day, it’s back to the homestay for one last time to enjoy a leisurely lunch and witness the ‘Manorah’ dance – rounding off your “Extraordinary Experience” in Phrom Lok, Nakorn Si Thammarat.

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Discover a different side of Thailand with a “One Night Stay with Locals”

From southern provinces that you may already be familiar with such as Phang Nga and Chumphon, to the more remote northern provinces of Lampang, Nan and many more, 13 destinations have been carefully chosen by Thailand travel experts as part of this newly-launched “One Night Stay with Locals” project. Not only are these villages very remote (meaning you will beat the crowds even in high season), there is also a huge variety of community-focused activities available, such as getting your hands dirty picking fruit in orchids with the locals, taking tractor rides through the jungle to waterfalls or heading out on fishermen’s boats to find the catch of the day!

Spanning across four provinces (Lampang, Chiang Rai and Nan) there are four different communities to visit in the north of Thailand as part of this One Night Stay with Locals program – each one as fascinating as the next. Tucked away in the mountains of Lampang, there is the chance to go miang leaf picking with the locals at Baan Pa Miang, as well as learn how to make (and eat) the popular dish using this produce. Neighboring Chiang Rai province has two destinations to choose from: the laidback Pangha Homestay near the border with Myanmar where you can learn all about the Tai Lue people and the old-age craftsmanship, or Baan Tha Khan Tong, a thriving community next to the Mae Kong River that combines elements of Isaan and Lanna culture. To truly get away from it all, Nan province’s Sila Petch village feels like it is in the middle of nowhere, yet there are still plenty of friendly locals to show you around the area and guide you through the forests to a waterfall.

In addition, Baan Khiri Wong Kot in the northeast of the country (Udon Thani) lets you experience a true taste of Isaan – especially the deliciously spicy food, rural countryside and famously friendly Isaan hospitality from the locals.

Tourists also flock to Thailand’s southern provinces for the beaches, boat rides and adventure activities. At our handpicked southern communities, you can still experience all of this and more – just with none of the crowds. For example, at Phang Nga’s hidden Baan Sam Chong Nuea community there’s a chance to explore swamps and mangrove forests with a local fisherman while helping to afforest the area. At Pa Tew (Bang Son) in Chumphon, most of your time will also be spent on the water while eating as much seafood as you can, rafting and spotting fireflies in the evening.

Other local communities waiting to be discovered are located in the less-frequently visited provinces of Phatthalung and Yala. These include the stunning Tamod Community where you can join in with a range of sufficiency economy educational activities, as well as kayaking and taking in the sunset over the reservoir, while Yala’s Chulaporn Pattana 9 Tourism Community boasts a gorgeous combination of forests, mountains and rivers.

Other choices of local communities that you can visit includes Bo Hin Farm Stay in Trang, Phrom Lok in Nakorn Si Thammarat, Laem Pak Bia in Petchaburi and Laem Klat in Trat.

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Ten Things to Carry On Your Honeymoon Trip!

And you thought all you need to carry on your honeymoon was your partner?

There are so many things that you wish to do on your honeymoon; you plan to talk to your partner, explore the new relationship together and do crazy things that you have never done with him before. But trust me when I say this – a lot of people go through flop honeymoons due to several reasons. In fact, there are a few couples, who broke up due to their bad honeymoons post marriage.


I am not scaring you, but would surely want you to have a greater and deeper bond with your partner, as the two of you fall in love with each other, over and over again, on your honeymoon.


It doesn’t matter if you are going on a voyage Sri Lanka or some other location, all that matters is that you carry the following ten things on the trip of your honeymoon:

  • Some beautiful greeting cards: What can be better than a few beautiful greeting cards to express your feelings to your partner? If you love him, it is better to be expressive and let him know about the same. I am sure he would love to read some of the best words on different romantic greeting cards – I can only imagine the sparks in his eyes!

Valentine day  Handmade gift cards,  (1)

  • Some lovely gifts for your partner: If you adore him, it is time for you to tell him with a few nice gifts. Buy him his favorite colored t-shirt or something that he really likes and win his heart forever.
  • Super-comfortable clothes: It is good to carry those body-hugging clothes, but extremely bad to wear them all the time. When you sleep in the hotel room, you would surely need some amazing comfortable clothes.
  • Your favorite nightgowns: Why wouldn’t you carry some nightgowns for yourself, when you know the two of you are going on your honeymoon? I need not elaborate!
  • Some pictures that remind you of the good old days spent with your partner: Let him know you remember each and every moment spent with him; hold him close to your heart as the two of you watch all those lovely pictures together.


  • Your laptop to watch movies together: Carry your laptop; you might want to see a few of your favorite movies together.
  • Of course, money and your debit/credit cards: You better not leave with money and your debit or credit cards! How will you pay, otherwise?
  • Some of your favorite chocolates, unless you know about the shops in the location you are traveling to: Unless you are quite familiar with the place and know that there are a lot of shops around, it is better to carry your favorite chocolates.


  • Pepper spray: Women are allowed to carry pepper sprays for their protection.
  • A game to play with your partner: You can carry a deck of cards or the board game of scrabble to play with your partner.

Possess a Beautiful Landing

If you are an aura stewardess, you’ll learn the reason why you need ten inches of makeup to prevent you from searching lifeless and haggard after each flight. Traveling is fun however the flight can zap the youthful appearance from your faces. You can look youthful and delightful prior to the trip after which once the plan lands, everything lands by using it.

For lengthy plane tickets, you might like to consider consuming numerous water before, throughout after the flight. They are offered on the flight, so, request for this and take around you are able to. Avoid consuming alcohol or any other fizzy drinks they, sometimes, serve too. Well, a couple of may not hurt how you look greatly but do not. On the top to do that, you have to moisturize the face prior to the flight. Eco-friendly tea has fantastic soothing effects on nerves if you are searching for an attractive landing.

For makeup style, I persuade folks to choose the I-don’t-really-care-about-the-way-I-look style. The main reason? Simple. You’ll look smashingly natural even if tired rather than overdoing the cosmetics. Natural makeup style brings the very best in your tired condition.

Pay attention to some relaxing music on the airplane rather than watching Rambo reruns or some exciting movie that will pump some adrenaline into you. Take along your ipod device or perhaps your phone and cargo them track of your preferred relaxing, soothing music to ensure that you are able to obvious your mind on flight. Many of the true if you’re the type of individual who find it difficult sleeping on the flight.

Some swear to getting concealers handy….not the watery kind however the creamy kind that you could really affect hide the under-eye under eye circles or sudden spots in your face. A skinny layer will hide a great deal.

Before exiting the airport terminal, particularly if you are going to meet someone and it is vital that you look spectacular, mind towards the toilet and touch on your makeup prior to being welcomed in the gate. Touch on your blush, your mascara, concealer, so eye-shadow also keep in mind the lipsticks which can make you appear fantastic for your grand entrance into another place.

How for traveling Grandchildren

So you have finally got a little grand kids. Individuals little bundles of pleasure lighten you day. You’re able to spend some time together however you’re able to belief and send them the place to find their parents. As youthful and impressionable inclusions in the household, you will need to create lasting reminiscences on their behalf. Among the best ways to get this done is for traveling them – but exactly how?

After you have laid the guidelines then decide where you need to go. Turn it into a family decision. Sit lower using the grandchildren and inform them the choices. See which from the options is most effective using their interests. make certain they are fully aware the ultimate decision is up to you, though, and do not make any promises. Things may be complicated for those who have lots of grandchildren so make certain they are fully aware they may need to compromise.

Take a look at possible locations first, before showing these to your grand kids. Locate one activity in every place that every grandchild will enjoy. So even when they do not get their first choice, they’ll have one factor to excite them. You wouldn’t want a sulking grandchild with for your trip so whatever that you can do to ensure that they’re happy, try to get it done – within reason, obviously!

Take the time to pack together. You can even pack per week in front of schedule. This can build their excitement and possibly even provide you with ideas for the way to ensure that they’re excited around the trip. Once packing is completed, spend some time together talking about the trip and becoming their ideas. Taking games for that vehicle is important if you are a weight lengthy journey.

Whenever you achieve your destination have some fun! getting fun is really a priority to go somewhere with with grandchildren. if you would like your grand kids to keep in mind the trip forever, it’ll need to be fun! Laugh and joke around you are able to and, most importantly, savor the valuable moment. Provide them with a little of free reign to understand more about existence outdoors of the parent’s house. This trip will may well be a new experience on their behalf and it is exciting to determine them utilize it to develop as people.

Heed these tips and you are certain to possess a great trip. It offers a superior a jump on the beautiful travel knowledge about individuals little bundles of pleasure. As being a grandparent is really a special factor and providing your grand kids reminiscences which will serve you for a lifetime is among the finest gifts you are able to provide them with.

South america Travel Today

Looking for another type of travel experience? Trying to find a location that provides numerous unique travel encounters for everybody not the same as individuals who choose excitement and adventure to individuals who only need the simple luxury of relaxing round the beautiful beach all day long lengthy extended? If you wish to visit somewhere which has famous beaches, beautiful scenery, wildlife along with an crazy evening existence then Latin america may be the finest spot to choose you!

Latin america may be the finest country in Latin America, covering over half the place. Really, it’s the fifth finest country on the planet. It possesses a very diverse population that signifies a mixture of European, Latin, African, Asian and Indian heritages. (Really, Latin america hosts the finest community of Japanese outdoors of Japan!).

The problem language of Latin america is Portuguese. Very little British or perhaps the the the spanish language language language is spoken. The strong Portuguese heritage influences not just the written text, but every part of Brazilian culture and existence-from religion to architecture.

Brazilians are broadly regarded as as as as being a passionate people. Consult with a Brazilian and you’ll probably discuss the shoreline, music and dance and a lot of certainly FUTEBOL! (soccer).

Because the world’s finest country within the tropics, Latin america really offers endless travel options and options. For those who might wish to hold the sun’s sun sun rays, ocean and sand, Latin america is known due to its stretches of shoreline.

Among Brazil’s most broadly used beaches reaches Copacabana. Mtss is a century old district has possibly the most amazing and breathe-taking beaches on the planet. It’s best see for pretty much any beach enthusiast.

It’s a 2.5 mild stretch of wonderful beauty delivering the best chance to wind down, sunbathe alongside a pool alongside a swimming pool alongside a pool, match the citizens where you can chopp (beer) at among the beach side cafe’s. After you have taken everything within the evening existence in Copacabana awaits to tantalize you. You’ll be dancing using the evening extended for that tempos within the tropics.

Determining Luxury Travel in Ethiopia

What’s the most luxurious destination on the planet? Could it be Paris? Milan? Rome? New You are able to? Tokyo, japan? Or perhaps is it a concealed jewel, like Ethiopia? If luxury, for you, means unparalleled natural splendor, a wealthy and varied culture, dedication to the ancient traditions, wonderful, peaceful lodging, and also the relative tranquility to savor its many points of interest, then Ethiopia is actually a premiere destination. As Ethiopia’s tourism industry loves to say, come and revel in Ethiopia prior to the vacationers arrive here!

Ethiopia can also be happy with saying that they’re fortunate with sunshine for 13 several weeks of the season. Hyperbole? Not necessarily! Following a Julian calendar, Ethiopia has twelve thirty-day several weeks, along with a thirteenth month with 5 days. Another advantage for vacationers, based on the hugely proud Ethiopians: their calendar is seven many eight several weeks behind that which is often used by western society. You are able to literally reverse some time and “you’ll be seven years more youthful when you turn up in Ethiopia.” Sunshine and youth: what is better?

Besides these very unique luxuries, what else can the gorgeous country of Ethiopia provide the customer? Many don’t realize that it may be, actually, a really lavish destination. Luxury hotels us dot the incredible landscape, from the game-filled savannah to the rugged mountain peaks. Included in this are a complete selection of amenities are available for several different travel budgets. The ultrachic Hilton Addis, for example, offers visitors pools, shops, restaurants, gym, satellite tv, access to the internet, salons, gorgeous fully-hired rooms, plus much more. Hotels offering fundamentals for example private baths and showers tend to be more numerous and budget-friendly. Searching for hotels through which particular amenities you need at Ethiopia’s official tourism site.

Ethiopia’s finest gift towards the traveler, and even to itself, is its insightful culture and history. Over 80 different nationalities co-mingle in the united states, and you’ll hear the song of some 200 spoken dialects. Aside from the natural splendor that’s so apparent in Ethiopia’s nature, where site visitors can easily see lions, gazelles, cheetahs, baboons, eco-friendly apes, and much more, Ethiopia offers glimpses into ancient rituals and traditions. Site visitors can click on rock-hewn places of worship at Lalibela, amazing forts of Gondar, or even the thriving and chaotic Merkato Marketplace. There’s a lot to do and see within this intriguing, multifaceted country.

Visiting Ethiopia between October and April is good since the weather conditions are more temperate. June through October may be the wet season, and also you might be advised to not travel throughout this time around. However, it may seem quiet and far, a lot more brilliant with eco-friendly grass and wildflowers.

True luxury is finding beauty within the unpredicted. Ethiopia is both very unpredicted and fully memorable.

Tourist Locations of Goa

Swaying palms trees, glistering sands and azure water of Arabian Ocean would be the elemental options that come with Goa which summon countless vacationers for this place each year. It’s an evergreen destination asia Tourism which assures an eternity memorable holiday amongst peaceful and scenic natural atmosphere. It’s a small emerald land noted for its sensuous blue beaches, silvery sands, fabulous flora, diverse fauna, wealthy cultural heritage and monumental great thing about temple and places of worship. Probably the most famous Goa Tourist Placesare:


This small town is among the prominent points of interest of Goa Tour that is visited by lots of vacationers across the year. It’s situated around little hillock known as Altinho which will make mtss is a beautiful location to enjoy enjoyable holidays. Aside from the scenic locale this small hamlet is known for its weekly Friday Market when purchasers and retailers from across Goa arrived at buy or sell several products. This is considered the most colorful and vibrant marketplaces which showcases the glimpses of rural Goa. The gorgeous beaches of the place are renowned for getting a tan, swimming and scrumptious sea food stalls across the coast.


The expansive seaside stretch causes it to be a character lover’s dream destination. It’s situated 50 km in the capital of Panajim. The good thing about this charming beach is increased through the rocky coves that are spread within the lengthy stretch of golden sands. The Terekhol fortand freshwater lake are a couple of popular points of interest of the place that is visited by lots of vacationers who come here across the year. The scenic charm and isolated location of the peaceful beach ask lots of vacationers who wish to spend their holidays within the lap of calm character.


The good thing about lengthy sandy beaches, lagoons and neverending stretch coconut farms make Pernem a scenic location to enjoy enjoyable vacation in the lap of character. This northern most division of Goa is really a beautiful place bounded through the Chapora River towards the south and Tiracol River towards the north. The scattered scenic ambiances of the place enthrall vacationers throughout their trip to this breathtaking destination.