The Most Recent Devices Show: Wise Phone Note

The most recent devices always include the creative inspiration constantly. It’s very hard to meet up with the step from the high-tech for that high-tech savvy males. Phones always want have relationship with laptop along with other latest devices too. This is actually the chance, probably the most excellent initiative through the Korean designer Jin-Koo Woog studio Nothing Design Group using the miracle project Wise Phone Note, that is a notebook to take notes modified to digital lovers: it features a special storage for apple iphone 4 and earphones.

Among the wise phones within the awesome devices for males world with effective functions, the customers make agendas, help remind appointment, record activities, study languages easily with apple iphone anytime which require to complete using the papers and pens previously. However, many people still choose to make each one of these tasks having a laptop. The Korean designers get this to new item within the latest devices Wise Phone Note the integrate body of apple iphone 4 and laptop.

The apple iphone can put in laptop, and could make or answer calls the laptop is fold. Place laptops in vertical or horizontal directions once the laptop is open. The scholars look in the words within the laptop as taking notes simultaneously. The youthful and old prefer to collect the range photos as writing dairy meanwhile. It really is interesting to determine the most recent devices which will make combination towards the high-tech and tradition. Can you like to test?